This website presents the work of Reinhold Heil, as it has been known to many of you, but in a way that now surfaces the multiple personalities that live, not always in harmony, just underneath this “singular” body of work. In some instances, this could get pretty ugly. Read more.

“Zwei Seelen wohnen, ach! in meiner Brust,
Die eine will sich von der andern trennen;
Die eine hält, in derber Liebeslust,
Sich an die Welt mit klammernden Organen;
Die andere hebt gewaltsam sich vom Dust
Zu den Gefilden hoher Ahnen.”

— J.W. Goethe, Faust

“Two souls live, alas! in my chest
One wants to separate from the other;
The one holds, in coarse love-lust,
To the world with clinging organs;
The other is forcibly lifted from the dust
To the realms of high ancestors.”

— J.W. Goethe, Faust


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