Film, Television, Advertising

An introduction to Mr. Heil.

Reinhold Heil has worked as a film composer since the mid-nineties. The story before that began as the keyboarder and co-writer/producer of the Nina Hagen Band and later of the legendary German band Spliff. He produced albums for Nena, Cosa Rosa, Rainbirds, Rio Reiser, Kim Wilde and many others, then got bored of that and became a musical story teller for film and television.

He recently started writing songs again, collaborating with his evil twin, Dr. Jkyll. None this work has been released yet because the music industry is in shambles and niche-products are relegated to Bandcamp and other self-publishing outlets. We will see what happens, but the album will definitely come out one way or another.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of scoring to be done and instrumental albums to be finished and released.